Strategic Intelligence Briefing: Business Resilience in the Face of COVID-19 - Shared screen with gallery view
David Nabarro
Greetings from David Nabarro - additional information on www.4sd.info/covid-19-narratives
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Hi Hector, here it is: www.4sd.info/covid-19-narratives
David Nabarro
The progression of the virus in India will become clearer in the coming days. It is good that lockdown was imposed relatively early and that efforts are being made both to ensure well-functioning community-based public health services and to minimise the impact of physical distancing on the livelihoods of many millions of poor people. There will be new virus outbreaks coming up in different locations and much will depend on the extent to which local people are able to work together to interrupt transmission early. My prediction is that this will be successful in many locations though there will be one or two places where outbreaks might expand rapidly and these will lead to foci of intense transmission that will overload hospital services. I am hoping that there are not too many of these and that the country as a whole will emerge stronger and better prepared to suppress outbreaks as they start. What I cannot anticipate is the extent to which communities will pull together for the sake of all.
Stacey Chow
For some of the examples and advice that Tim Payne (of Brunswick Group) just mentioned, additional information here - https://www.brunswickgroup.com/coronavirus-i15366/.
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David Nabarro’s narratives on many aspects f COVID-19 can be found here https://www.4sd.info/covid-19-narratives/
Stacey Chow
What are the top 3 things businesses, governments even individuals should do to achieve "resilience" post COVID-19?
Stacey Chow
What are the top 3 things businesses, governments and even individuals should do to achieve "resilience" post COVID-19?
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Stacey Chow
On the decoupling point- how will companies need to rethink cross-border trade (especially supply chain management/diversification) and also investment flows (deals) in the aftermath of COVID-19?
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Please visit intelligence.weforum.org to explore further context on COVID-19, and 250+ other topics.
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